The Falls at Westmall Wishing Well Promotion

The Falls at Westmall is making your wishes come true!

You have 6 weeks and 6 chances to win. From August 8th to September 19th spend $100 or more for a chance to enter. Simply fill out an entry form, attach an entry form and you can win. Have you been wishing for a new tablet or to be able to update your wardrobe? Well now you can.

Look out for the live draw every Saturday as we announce that week's winner.

Which weeks would you be entering? Enter as many times as you like.

Week 1 - Technology

Week 2 - Back to School

Week 3 - Fashion

Week 4 - Health & Fitness

Week 5 - Gourmet

Week 6 - Self-Care

Every week one new winner. Every week new prizes. 6 chances to win!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I make a purchase of $500.00 do I get 5 entry forms?

No. Each bill of $100.00 or more gives you one entry form. 

  • Can I enter as many times as I like?

Yes of course.

  • Do I have to make a purchase the same week I want to enter?

Not necessarily. Once you have bills from during the period of the promotion (August 8th to September 18th) they can be used.

  • What if I win in Week 1 but I really wanted the prize from Week 3?

All weekly prizes are final and cannot be exchanged.

  • If I win in Week 1 will I be eligible to win another week?

Yes, you are free to enter as many times as you like. Winner one week does not take you out of the running for another week. You simply have to enter again.

  • What if I win but I want to purchase an item worth more than $5,000.00?

You are free to do so. We will pay the $5,000.00 on your behalf and you will pay the difference.

  • When will the draw happen?

Every Saturday we will do a live draw on our Social Media pages announcing that week's winner. 

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