Productivity Before Our Back to School Date!

Back to school reopening date is creeping up on us..

Some of us are preparing for the  back to school  transition which means that there should be one less thing for you and your child to worry about.

The Falls at Westmall developed some strategies you could consider in preparation for the first day back..

And of course you can get all your back to school needs at The Falls at Westmall.


1). Help your child start getting to bed earlier the week before school begins again. This will forever be an interesting and fun task with kids, but is sure to bring benefits for both parent and child.

2). Polish up on Reading, Maths & Science projects together. This may help assist refreshing  and exhilarating them to the point where they pick up where they left off. Making the transition back into the classroom and school environment a little easier for them.


3). Check your child’s school’s updates. Contact the teacher, check the school social media accounts, emails and websites announcements about last-minute changes and reminders about upcoming events or any specific items that the school may wish your child to have.

4). Shop for groceries in advance of the first week back. You may also want to do family meal plans ahead of time including packed lunches.

Check this link for some Back to School Meal Plans 

5).Work out your mental and physical health by scheduling time for self-care. Remember that, although children may be heading back to school, your regular self care may take a while to find balance, structuring this before is important.


Rebuilding your child’s confidence and motivation after such a long time away may be a process. 

Take it at their pace and build on any small steps made.  By planning ahead and talking things through together, in an age appropriate manner, you can support and assist them with any challenges they may encounter.


"Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted." Dr. Suess


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