Carnival Fashion! Let’s Shop

It's that time of year on our Local Calendar to show up and step out in style.

Need some help figuring out what’s in and what’s not? This Carnival Fashion Blog will give you an idea of what’s trending so you may incorporate them into your looks this season.

Come on and shop with us at the Falls.

The right outfit is a must. So to start things off we head over to Koral Beach Boutique.  They carry amazing and unique outfits to fit any style and match those themed Carnival fetes. 

Now if you are going to do Carnival, you must #supportlocal like our very own Radical Designs! What's carnival fashion without wearing something from one of our trendy cultural designers.


Now trendy outfits are not for our ladies. Men we've got you covered too. Stop and Shop at  Francis Fashions or Marco Polo for a complete "kit" for any and every party this season.


Back to the ladies, no Carnival outfit is complete without some glam and glitter. And when it comes to makeup, we have a wide range of choices here at The Falls at Westmall! Whether you are interested in booking an appointment or just simply purchasing your favourite glam pallets Bella Russe or Sacha is a must Stop and Shop for this season! 

Are you ready for the  greatest show on earth?

These are just some of the great fashions options at The Falls at Westmall this season so head on down and get fete ready with us. 

Enjoy, Be Safe and Happy Carnival!




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