School is Back!

Final week before School returns is here!

From the Hustle and bustle, traffic,  long lines and checklists!

Here are 3 points to remember before the start of the new school year!

  1. Did you get everything on the Booklist?

Time to visit Mohammed's Book StoreNigel R Khan  and Stationery Plus to make sure you have every book that's needed.

P.S. Purchase your notebooks in bulk this helps!

2. Did you finally purchase the cute and trendy school supplies that your kids are dying for ?

There are multiple stores so many to mention,  at The Falls where you can get it all from , book-bags to sneakers and notebooks to water bottles, some of your simple school must haves are sold with the most stylish designs.

3. Did you get their energy boosters, mhmm their vitamins?

Take a last minute run to Ali's Pharmacy and GNC for the most appropriate vitamins for your kids.



This was just a simple guideline for you to follow for the next couple of days. We hope it helps. 

Stay Tune as we focus on you now! as the Kids will be out to school!

"Mum it's time Unwind" is coming next. 


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